About Us

About Company—VisualDress

VisualDress, a brand new global online retail selling trendy style clothes & accessories‎, was started by people who are very passionate group of Christians who have a goal to help the world become a better place  through speaking and introducing Christ and his Love into the hearts of ALL people. 

About Products—Trendy, Modern, Exquisite, Good Quality

VisualDress connects you with trendy fashion and interesting things. We did a market research every time before choosing what to sell. All the clothing's designs at VisualDress.com were picked up by people who love fashion, beauty and life. Then, our professional buyers give all the information collected and summarized to our designers and factories. At the same time, they have been exploring all the latest fashion trends and examining every detail of every product's quality. That is the reason why VisualDress offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. 

Why Do You Buy From Us?— Good Quality at Affordable Price 

VisualDress avoids an involvement of middle-man and ships from our warehouses directly. We only sell special products that we have personally tried to guarantee quality at affordable price same time.
Our Goal—Bring People Who Love Both Fashion and Life Together

VisualDress’ mission is to keep people's Faith in our Lord alive and deeply rooted in their hearts and you can play a part in it by getting an awesome T-shirt through our site!

We are very excited that you have taken the time to look at our store and we hope to see you become a customer for years to come.


VisualDress, Team.